Il Furioso all’Isola di San Domingo (Donizetti), English Touring Opera | 2015

JS_Furioso_2015Jeremy Silver conducted with flair and an obvious feel for the idiom | Peter Reed, Classical Source

Jeremy Silver maintains stylish control of the musical performance. | George Hall, The Stage

Jeremy Silver conducts with a sound combination of precision and exuberance | Sam Smith, MusicOMH

it was the chorus and orchestra, nimbly conducted by Jeremy Silver, that had the surest grasp of Donizettian style. | Hannah Nepil, The Financial Times

Under Jeremy Silver this all went off stylishly, those little modulations that express the inexpressible, the subtleties of pacing, the relaxing into lyricism and the pathos-laden accompaniments of clarinet and strings. | Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now

The conductor Jeremy Silver and director Iqbal Khan created a vividly intelligible account of an intricate Italian melodramma; a friend I took along, who has lived in Italy for two decades, said he had not before heard an English company perform so communicatively. | Andrew Porter, Opera

conducted by Jeremy Silver with sincerity and panache | Mark Valencia, What’s on Stage

The wildness and the emotional power of the music towards the end of Act I, under the excellent baton of Jeremy Silver, gives way at the end to pure Donizetti joy | Mark Ronan,

Conducted by Jeremy Silver, it’s performed with terrific commitment | Tim Ashley, The Guardian

L’assedio di Calais (Donizetti), English Touring Opera | 2015

JS_L_assedio_2015Jeremy Silver conducts superbly | Sam Smith, MusicOMH

Jeremy Silver’s conducting is remarkable. It is clear he is drawing the best, and more possibly, from his players. Perhaps it is in the darker moments, such as the Introduction to Eustachio’s aria from Act 1 Scene 2, “Qual silenzio funesto”, that things seem to come truly together from every angle. The feel for the long line in the orchestra is mirrored by the fine cast, all of whom seem impeccably schooled in Italianate expression. | Colin Clarke, Seen and Heard International

Jeremy Silver has a marvellous way of getting beneath the skin of the music, shaping the various numbers so that their impact has space to sink in before moving on the next turn of the melodramatic screw. In general, musical values were very high – the ETO Orchestra had an instinctive feel for the gutsy, bright, volatile sound, played with Italianate vigour. With the chorus singing with the same sort of attack, the beleaguered people’s fervent love of country came across with thrilling directness. | Peter Reed, Classical Source

In the pit, Jeremy Silver conducted which brought a nice degree of finesse to Donizetti’s score and a sense of sympathy | Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Xerxes (Handel), Longborough Festival Opera | 2015

JS___Xerxes_2015…the result is musically something close to a triumph, thanks in no small measure to Jeremy Silver’s expert direction from the harpsichord…
Stephen Walsh, The Arts Desk

Le nozze di Figaro (Mozart), Cape Town Opera | 2014

JS_Figaro_2014The orchestra, under Silver’s precise control, performed to a very high standard throughout. | Deon Irish, Cape Times

This chorus of stirring voices, together with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra under the masterful guidance of conductor Jeremy Silver, is an experience that is almost overwhelming. | Marilu Snyders, Artslink

Rinaldo (Handel), Longborough Festival Opera | 2014

JS_Rinaldo_2014…the musical acrobatics of Handel’s score are still more engaging. Jeremy Silver, conducting from the harpsichord, ensures a good balance between the brilliant wind-writing and the voices who, each in turn, vie with the instruments for agility and verve. | Rian Evans, The Guardian

Musically and dramatically this production was tremendously satisfying.  As for the Baroque orchestra… I cannot praise them too highly. I cannot help feeling that some of the magic of the evening was provided by Jeremy Silver’s rippling harpsichord solos. | Roger Jones, Seen and Heard International

L’assedio di Calais (Donizetti), English Touring Opera, UK tour | 2013

JS_L_assedio_2013Jeremy Silver paced the score beautifully and… squeezed every drop of emotion from the Act 2 finale. Musically the evening was very rewarding | Hugo Shirley, Opera Magazine

…the momentum and urgency conductor Jeremy Silver injects into the music, achieving at times a Beethovenian lift-off. | Peter Reed, The Telegraph

Jeremy Silver conducted the orchestra with panache | Anna Picard, The Independent

…energised and punchy conducting | Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph

…conductor Jeremy Silver drew a potent and often rousing account of the score | John E de Wald, Opera Britannia

…the ETO orchestra under Jeremy Silver respond once again
with full bodied tone and excellent ensemble. | Capriccio,

Jeremy Silver conducted with brio, keeping the dramatic tension up
but allowing the quieter moments to breathe. ” Robert Hugill,

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